Building the base for the most Profitable and Sustainable Forestry Industry  in the World

Profitable and Sustainable Forestry Management


The growing global middle-class population is driving a large increase in the demand of biodegradable materials. This increase is seen in packaging material, furniture, toilet paper, textiles and more and will add up to a net growth of wood fiber, in spite of smaller demand for newsprints. Such a net growth requires a continuous addition of a new timber resource the size of the current US wood supply, in order to meet the global demand.


This is why we founded SilviPar. We are meeting this wood fibre shortage with a sustainable and profitable forest management in one of the world's best suited localizations for new wood fiber bases.

"As the global demand increases it is important that the growth is met with biodegradable and sustainable products. Our goal is to be the most obvious supplier of wood for the plywood and pulp industry. SilviPar has one of the lowest production costs of pulp and veneer wood and manages its forest in a sustainable way. The CO2 sequestration of SilviPar’s commercial reforestation is a great added value."



Ola Hildingsson, Chairman of SilviPar



A company building the base for the most Profitable and Sustainable Forestry Industry  in the World. Managed by people with broad and long experiences working within the forest industry globally.


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