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SilviCapital is a management company with a focus on creating sustainable raw-material bases for major forestry-based industries. Between 2010-2012, SilviCapital made a global search for optimal locations, evaluating ~100 possible locations. The conclusion was that there are less than 10 locations left in the world offering potential for large scale industrial projects.


SilviPar’s area of operations in Paraguay was deemed to be the best remaining location for an efficient, sustainable and profitable wood fiber plantation able of sustaining a full-scale pulp mill in respect to certain criteria. The criteria included issues such as environmental and social sustainability, infrastructure and competence, land availability, logistics and conditions for high biological growth. In 2013, SilviCapital founded SilviPar with the focus on building a timber plantation asset in Paraguay that is large enough to be the core fiber supplier for a major industrial operation such as a plywood mill, a pulp mill or a biorefinery. The final goal is to reach some 70,000 ha planted forest.


After 5 years of structured R&D plantations, validation of the plantation economics and organizational build-up, SilviPar has now proven the company’s ability to become a competitive raw material base for the world’s most profitable wood-processing industries. Among the highest biological growth rates in the world at about 40-55 m3/ha/year. This can be compared with Nordic growth rates at about 3-8 m3/ha/year.



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Facts about SilviPar

  • Planted forest area today:      1,875 ha
  • Available land for planting:     >700,000 ha
  • Current (first rotation)
    mean annual growth rate:      40 m3 / ha
  • Natural reserve zones:           12% of acquired land
  • Carbon sequestered so far:    400,000 ton CO2 eq.


Paraguay is a free market economy dominated by the agriculture sector; in 2010, it had the third-fastest-growing economy in the world at 14.5%. Between 2004 and 2017, Paraguay has had a sustainable economic growth with an average rate of 4,5 % annually and its middle class has almost doubled since 2003.Paraguay is the fourth largest soy exporter in the world.

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The Team


The team behind the company has a broad and long experience working within the forest industry globally and has implemented international best practice for competitive, social and environmental management in the company.


The team has participated in build-up of greenfield Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil, Uruguay, Portugal, China and Laos; building of green-field pulp mills and wood products industries in Brazil, Uruguay and Laos; building and driving efficient organizations in the area of profitable and sustainable forestry, wood products and pulp; and had several highly successful exits with industry leading investor returns.



A company building the base for the most Profitable and Sustainable Forestry Industry  in the World. Managed by people with broad and long experiences working within the forest industry globally.


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