Sustainable Forest Management

SilviPar is committed to manage and develop its business in an environmental, social and economically sustainable manner. We believe that a well-balanced sustainable management creates a real value and benefits all stakeholders. Therefore, SilviPar has implemented international best practice for commercial social and environmental management in the company. 


For the plantations SilviPar also has a biodiversity management program. Within the plantation there are zones set aside for natural reserves that includes various ecosystems such as natural forest, wetlands, small lagoons, grasslands and transitional zones between them. This is to create and maintain biodiversity within the area.



Sequestering CO2

The land on which the forest is planted was previously of very low value due to too high humidity for agriculture or efficient cattle grazing. Cattle is the largest CO2 emission contributors of all livestock, representing 5,024 billion tCO2 globally. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the grassland cattle alone had a CO2 emission of 424 million tCO2 just in the year of 2010.


As no natural forests are harvested for SilviPar plantations and the planted trees minimize areas for the land to be used for cattle at the same time as there is an increase of biomass in the area, the consequence is that there is a positive large-scale CO2 sequestration in the area.  


Today SilviPar's plantations have sequestered more than 400,00 tons of CO2.




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